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Jordanians to enjoy a healthy standard of living and contribute to the Jordanian women enjoy a decent standard of health.
Provide and ensure easy access to comprehensive health care and exemplary services for women in all stages of age-sensitive basis of quality and public safety.
A Woman Enjoying the health welfare ,empowered to make decisions related to health Bkhiaradtha.
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About the center

Enhancing Women’s Health (EWH) Project is emerged from the vision of Her Royal Highness Princess Aisha Bint Al-Hussein to improve the women health care, for that the project developed to contribute the overall goal of the country, which is to contribute & to sustainable development in Jordan through securing universal quality services, and enhancing healthy lifestyle behaviors among Jordanian women especially those in underserved areas.

    The project start trough a Development of a Women’s Health Care Center in the South/ Tafeileh governorate, which would provide women with the opportunity to be healthy, empowered and to appreciate their value as individuals, as well as family and community members. Providing comprehensive specialized health for women through her life cycle approach.  Services shall be provided for three groups of women – adolescents, women of reproductive age, and women in the older age groups.

    On 31 of March 2011, the project pass a transitional phase from a project to its legal performance as semi-governmental institution where the National Women’s Health care center issued, & The Royal Decree issued to appointed HRH princess Aisha bent Al Hussein as the Chairman of the National Woman's Health Care Centre, & HRH appointed the centre Director, & the national centre Council which formed from : HE Director General of the Royal Medical Services, HE Secretary General of Ministry of Health, HE Secretary General of the Ministry of Social Development, HE Secretary General of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, And also expertise in Woman’s health, HE Professor Rowaida Al Maaitah, the Director of Primary Health Care in the Ministry of Health,& head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Directorate of Royal Medical Services, in addition two of medicine faculties deans in Jordan Universities

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