:: National Woman's Health Care Center ::
Jordanians to enjoy a healthy standard of living and contribute to the Jordanian women enjoy a decent standard of health.
Provide and ensure easy access to comprehensive health care and exemplary services for women in all stages of age-sensitive basis of quality and public safety.
A Woman Enjoying the health welfare ,empowered to make decisions related to health Bkhiaradtha.
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Duties and Responsibilities

 The Center in order to achieve its objectives the following functions and powers:

- Provision of specialized health care services to women's health.

- Implementation of training and education programs on women's health and awareness of the importance of women's health and their role in building community care.

- Conducting research, studies and conferences specialized women's health and scientific symposia.

- Coordination with various local government bodies and private and voluntary organizations, including international or cooperate with it to unite efforts and activities concerned with women's health.

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