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Jordanians to enjoy a healthy standard of living and contribute to the Jordanian women enjoy a decent standard of health.
Provide and ensure easy access to comprehensive health care and exemplary services for women in all stages of age-sensitive basis of quality and public safety.
A Woman Enjoying the health welfare ,empowered to make decisions related to health Bkhiaradtha.
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National goal: that Jordanians enjoy a decent standard of health.

Institutional overall objective: to contribute to that Jordanian women enjoy a decent standard of health.

Sub institutional goals:

  • Provide specialized health services to care for women's health.
  •  Implement training and education programs on women's health and awareness of the importance of women's health and their role in building community care.
  • Conducting research, studies and conferences specialized women's health and scientific symposia. Coordination with various local government bodies and private and voluntary organizations, including international or cooperate with it to unite the efforts and activities concerned with women's health.
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