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Jordanians to enjoy a healthy standard of living and contribute to the Jordanian women enjoy a decent standard of health.
Provide and ensure easy access to comprehensive health care and exemplary services for women in all stages of age-sensitive basis of quality and public safety.
A Woman Enjoying the health welfare ,empowered to make decisions related to health Bkhiaradtha.
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Welcome speech of Her Royal Highness Princess Aisha Hussein

That in spite of all the achievements and progress made in the field of women and child health in Jordan, there are still gaps in the quality of health care provided especially for women in the least privileged areas such as care for women before and after childbirth, and breastfeeding, and care of adolescent, and a commitment to healthy patterns

In addition to the continuation of several health problems such as malnutrition of the mother and child and the problems of anemia, high injuries in the breast and uterus cancers, and the phenomenon of domestic violence, and care for women during the age of wisdom, where there are not enough studies at the national level on the age of menopause and the problems of osteoporosis.

In response to the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein access to achieve the ultimate goal of improving citizens' living standards and provide a means for a decent life to every Jordanian family, especially women, and in 2002, launched the idea of ​​"improving women's health in the South" project, which grew out of his studies were based on surveys and research of the evidence for different age groups of women in underserved areas in the provinces of the Southern Region and whose results were disturbing in terms of the number of diseases and imbalances discovered and that negatively affect the quality of life for these women and that can be prevented.

The first fruits of this project is the establishment of the first center to take care of women's health in Tafila, which is a leading center and the first of its kind outside the capital Amman, was issued the National Center system to care for the health of women it aims to provide specialized services to care for the health of women and serves to provide and ensure easy access to comprehensive and typical health care services for women, the foundations of quality and public safety based on priority emerging from the studies and research evidence to promote healthy patterns needs through outstanding health centers and access to service recipients qualified with the efficiency of a team high and in cooperation with the relevant authorities sensitive programs.

And joint efforts between the National Center and its partners and the Ministry of Health and the Directorate of the Royal Medical Services and supporters concerned will work to achieve the vision of the National Center - God willing and Raith- that Jordanian women enjoying the health well-being, empowered to make decisions concerning health Bkhiaradtha, and the ability of the same as an individual and a member of the family and community.)

Aisha Hussein                   
  Chairman of the Board of the National Women's Health Care Center  
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